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Thomas Glönkler - Auszeit

Thomas Glönker was the guitarist for the German band ICU, who released three CDs during the 1990’s. His first solo CD is a tasteful set of instrumentals that features both his acoustic and electric guitar playing, actually favoring the acoustic. Various tracks are augmented with bass, synths, low-key percussion, and flute (played by Eva-Maria Baumann). On tracks where Glönker keeps it entirely acoustic, you might compare his music to Steve Hackett or Anthony Phillips’ acoustic pieces, but replacing their Englishness with a slight spaciness more characteristic of German artists. Glönker’s electric leads are sometimes in the Andy Latimer vein, but again a bit spacier. But even with the spacey touches, the music is warm and comforting. A very nice CD when the mood calls for something more relaxed. After clicking on the mp3 icon above, click on “Auszeit - die CD” in the left column.


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